Ready Mix Plaster
Ready Mix Plaster is a kind of high-quality construction material crafted from top-grade raw materials like gypsum, lime, and cement, ensuring superb mixability and rapid settling. Perfect for interior and exterior finishes, it offers convenient application, exceptional strength, and precise molding, enhancing both aesthetics and durability in building construction and decoration.
Mortar Admixture

Mortar admixture is a building material that is required to fix AAC blocks, concrete blocks and bricks. The paste is made by adding water to the mix available in the form of powder. It is made to improve the adhesion and strength.

Stone Grit

Stone grit is an essential building material that is obtained by crushing stone. This material is added in the cement to fill the voids. The particle size of grit is generally 2-6 mm.


Birla Aerocon Blocks, with a density of 40 kg/m³, are lightweight gray AAC blocks made of cement, guaranteeing sturdy construction. Their precise molding guarantees uniform dimensions, facilitating easy assembly and a polished finish. Perfect for residential and commercial projects, they provide super strength, thermal insulation, soundproofing, and fire resistance.
Block Adhesives

Block adhesives include block jointing mortar and adhesive that is used to fix ACC and concrete blocks. The ready to mix adhesive has advantages, like high bond strength, no shrinkage cracks, zero wastage and economical.

We mainly deal in Delhi & North India.
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